Whether you are just getting started or you’ve been a photographer for years. Education is always an ongoing process. You should never and will never stop learning in this profession. I would love to help you learn more. With over twelve years of experience I can help guide you on your journey. I’ve helped countless photographers become better at their craft and I can help you too!


With mentoring sessions work through specific aspects that you may be struggling with. Whether it be lighting, photoshop, or business tips (or anything else). We can target these specific aspects and I will help to over come those challenges. We will set up a personal meeting to discuss what you would like to learn. It’s my belief that a true mentorship is not just one or two lessons. This program is a year long program where you have access to me any time (you know- as long as I’m not photographing something awesome) via phone, email, text or messages. We will also create fun assignments for you to push yourself and learn. For hands on experience, you are free to attend any shoot or session of mine. I can also come to your sessions with you to help you through your shoot or just simply help you create a better work flow. I will critique your assignments and give guidance on how to become a better photographer. Mentoring sessions can occur in office or on location.

Email: DragonStudio1@mac.com for more info and pricing.


If you are a student, hobbyist, or just getting started then an internship may be perfect for you. I’ve helped numerous photographers get their start and find their confidence to tackle a highly competitive career. With an internship with Dragon Studio you will get hands on learning and you will work side by side with me. During sessions and weddings you will be able to observe how I work with clients and how I deal with lighting scenarios. You will also have the option to shadow me in office to experience the day to day workflow. All internships come with the opportunity to start working as a paid assistant or second photographer.

Required to attend 5 full sessions or 2 full weddings (minimum requirements)

– Required to attend one ILEA meeting as non-member (at cost of non-member pricing)


Dragon Studio partners with workshops by the worldwide online publication ISO:ALT. You can visit the ISO:ALT website for more information on the workshops and educational opportunities. (you may get lost in their highly inspirational website too)