Granby Theater Editorial Feature For The Wedding Planner Magazine of Hampton Roads

This shoot right here is what gets me super inspired and super pumped up to take amazing photographs. I was approached by Misty Prewitt of Misty Saves the Day and Staci Jelley of the Bridal Dish to be a part of this bridal editorial shoot at Granby Theater. I didn’t even think about my answer. I said “YES!” immediately. If there is an amount of time that is faster than immediately then that would be the amount of time it took me to give my answer.

If shooting at Granby Theater wasn’t awesome enough I was also a part of an amazing team of wedding venders who not only create some of the best work I’ve seen but also have SO much fun while they do it. Some of these venders I had never worked with before this day and it was an almost instant bond that was created.

I think before I start putting everyone involved on their pedestal I must first paint the picture of the day. We knew that this shoot was going to be BIG but we never knew how big. We had to cover 100 years of bridal fashion. Instead of doing each decade we hit some of our favorites. We went with the 1920’s, 50’s, 70’s, 90’s and current styles. Sounds like a lot right? Well we had one day to make it all happen. Each time period we created the models had to have their hair and makeup redone each time. That in itself took about 1-2 hours in between each scene. Which left me with about 30-45 minutes to shoot each scene. This was a huge challenge not just for me but for Misty and Staci and Nora and Brandy who were setting and resetting each scene. So just off the bat without making this bog 100 pages long that makes for 5 scenes that took 2-3 hours total to set and reset. You do the math on the hours spent that day…

Cut to the fun stuff. We were all laughing and cutting up and having a blast the entire day. Let’s start talking about the MVP’s of this shoot. Mystique Salon and Day Spa had to spend so much time with the models Haley and Aaron. As you are looking through these photos pay special attention to how the hair and makeup changes. They created all of these looks in one day! Can you say baller? I can and I did. A lot. Fluttering Flowers created some of the most amazing centerpieces and bouquets. Each one had so much detail and nailed each and every time period perfectly. Hummingbird Macarons in Norfolk made some delicious treats that added some sweet details to the shoot (pun intended). Plus we got to taste some and if you know me then you know I am a baked goods snob and these baked goods were on fleek (yes I just said on fleek). I was not the only company there capturing moments from the day. The one and only Intellect Media was also catching all the cinematography. Intellect Media is one of the leading videographers in Hampton Roads. Fun and professional and can create some of the most moving films I’ve seen. Haley and Aaron were absolutely amazing models. Super professional and absolutely on point with posing and composure. They are both models with Splash Modeling Agency. I should probably mention the dresses and tuxedos too. All of the dresses were loaned to us by The House of Maya (where you are pretty much guaranteed to find your wedding dress) and each one came from one of her amazing bridal boutiques. The 20’s came from Pure English, the 50’s came from Privee Bride of Ghent, the 70’s came from Pure English, the 90’s came from Privee Bride of Ghent, the current dress came from Privee and the menswear came from Privee Bride of Ghent. Lastly all of the rentals were provided to us by Distinctive Event Rentals. They have so many rentals that it hurts. Not only that but there stuff is high quality and gorgeous!!!!

We are almost to the photos. I know this is a lot of words but hopefully it’s worth the read. If not just skip ahead and look at the gorgeousness of the shoot and come back to the words.

Lastly I should thank The Wedding Planner Magazine of Hampton Roads presented by The House of Maya. Thats a hell of a title… but it’s also a hell of a magazine. You should find one and take it home with you the second you see it. I should mention that this was a 10 page spread in the magazine. I’ll say it again TEN PAGES!!! Pretty stellar I must say.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The Photos!

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