I specialize in creating images that are exciting, unique and evoke an emotional response. Every portrait session, wedding and event receives the utmost attention to detail. Photography allows me to capture a moment in time and preserve it forever. When you look at an image you can reflect upon a special time in your life and recall the story of how that moment transpired. All of the items I create are custom products made specifically for you; whether it is a wedding album or a special portrait for you and your loved ones. I enjoy taking the time to preserve your memories with a piece of art that will last a lifetime.

I'm Mike!

hello friend

Biking, Hiking, Gardening, Creating

4. My hobbies are:


3. my favorite season of the year:

Being Outside

2. my favorite place IN THE WORLD:

San Diego, California

1. I was born in…

8. My hidden talent is:


My beautiful wife

7. My best friend is:

Good food!!!

6. My favorite food in the world is

Costa Rica please!

5. My dream destination is...


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